Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ingrid's New Dress

I honestly never thought I'd be saying these words, but, yes, my chicken is wearing a dress. It just didn't seem to matter how much protein I supplemented or moved the girls around or put them out to range in the garden, poor little Ingrid still kept taking a beating. So I made her what some call a "chicken saddle" or "chicken apron". It still looks like a dress to me. She wasn't too happy about it either. Ingid doesn't like to be handled AT ALL for any reason. So you can just imagine how this went!

After seriously inspecting herself she picked at it for a while, then seemed to settle in. I checked on her every few hours to make sure none of the others were trying to "steal" her dress (right, like that was going to happen!) I really just wanted to make sure she wasn't tangled up in it in the corner somewhere with Petunia standing on top of her! Fortunately, that did not happen.

However, I did come out to find her completely free of the dress. I can only imagine that someone must have been standing on her back (yes, they do that) and/or picking on her and grabbing at it for her to be able to slip out of it. Naturally, I redressed her.

I also took the opportunity to Vasaline the sides of her head which had also been subjected to a slight plucking by some "mean girl". I glopped it on as suggested on one of the chicken help sites and then smoothed the feathers over the bald spots to cover. The chicken site said that the other girls don't like the taste and feel of Vasaline (who does?!) so they'll stop picking if the keep getting that goop in their beaks. As you can see in the pictures, it looks like she has gel in her hair and it's sticking straight up! I'm assuming someone got a beak full of Vasaline...

She's covered and protected... for now.

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