Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicken Treats

Well, it's not really a treat. They just love it so much that they think it is! It's oatmeal, almond meal, and sunflower seeds with a 1/2 banana. Clara (the brown one below) is molting (again!) and I've been noticing some broken off feathers on a couple of the others (you can see the patch of missing feathers on Ingrid's back below). I suspect foul play (no pun intended!) So I decided to supplement with added protein.
When I put out the container of oatmeal, they plunge their beaks into it and then wipe the excess off in the hay. Yeah, that works out real well! It looks like they have hay whiskers! You can kind of see the hay whiskers on Clara below, which they proceed to then eat off of each other. Very funny!
I didn't think chickens have tongues, but from the looks of how clean they get the bottom of the container, I could be mistaken. I'll keep an eye out for that and keep you posted!

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