Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Cat Print

My trusty neighbor, Ed, found a big cat print yesterday up the hill from the chicken coop about 10 yards or so. We had a big rain last week, so the ground was good and mushy, otherwise I doubt there would have been any evidence that this big cat was prowling around. Normally our hill is like concrete! Ed, being the good neighbor that he is, took a cast of the print (that thought would never have crossed my mind, and I certainly would not have happened to have any plaster of paris laying around to accomplish the task had the thought occurred!)

As you can see, this was a BIG animal. There were no prints any closer to the hen house. I'm sure I would have seen them if there were. The ground was soggy for days and it would have been easy to spot. I'm thinking my coyote deterrent CD is also a good "big cat" deterrent. One can hope!

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