Friday, January 7, 2011

Furry Friends

I wasn't sure if it would happen, but it did.

Cutie is mostly an indoor dog. Alice is mostly an outdoor cat. Occasionally they are either both inside or outside. Alice has become quite curious about Cutie, but Cutie always just walks away (after a couple of scary hissing incidents when she tried to approach Alice).

Today, Alice came in and laid right next to Cutie on Cutie's bed. Alice instantly started purring. Cutie started a low, rumbling growl. I guess maybe she thought Alice was growling at her! I "explained" the situation to Cutie and they've been fine ever since. At one point, Alice was even laying across Cutie's legs. How sweet...

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Snow

Not just the first snow this winter... the first snow since I've lived in this house, and we've lived here 10 years! Southern California is not known for precipitation of any kind and certainly not snowfall (Remember the song, "It Never Rains in California"? It's pretty much true!)
We had never seen the back hill covered in snow. After 2 hours of snowfall, it looked quite surreal.

But what a difference a day makes. The snow turned to rain overnight and washed most of the snow away. Today, just 24 hours later, we are back to the normal as if it never happened.