Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall is upon us

It's been gradually cooling down and then heating back up over the last month. Nighttime temperatures were consistently dropping to the 50's so I started working with Alice to train her into the cat carrier as "home base". I put a heating blanket inside the bottom of the carrier and covered it with a pillow and towel. I only had to coax her in there once or twice before it became "her space".

Last week it was hot, very hot. But the evenings still dropped to the mid-50's.

This week it cooled WAY down. Tuesday night dropped to around 36 degrees. I covered the cat carrier with a comforter to keep the heat in and installed the heat lamp in the hen house for the chickens. It was only below 40 degrees for two nights. It's already starting to warm up again. The cherry tree had already dropped all it's leaves for winter and has now started blooming again like it's spring!

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