Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fall Chickens

The girls are enjoying fall. After Halloween, I got a good deal on pumpkins and picked up 15 from the ranch down the street. They go through one full pumpkin every couple of days. Here Ruby is up front posing for the camera. Ingrid is in the back and Petunia has her head down digging around for something!

With the leaves finally turning and falling, I've been raking our yard as well as the neighbors' yard. Most of it goes into the garden to compost, but the yellow ginkgo biloba leaves are so soft I've been adding them to the hen house. The girls love digging through them and they're ok for them to eat too.

That's Ruby sitting on a nest here, taking care of business. She isn't nesting, she's just leaving an egg for me. Isn't she beautiful?
Finally, the elusive, egg-laying Petunia caught in the act of producing her second egg! If you look closely you can see the white of an egg under her breast on the left side of the photo.


  1. Do you cut the pumpkins up, give them to them in half?

  2. I cut them in quarters and give them 2 quarters a day.

  3. We've been doing the same thing, as pumpkins are quite plentiful at the moment. We grew some of our own, but the chickens have long since gone through those. It's amazing how fast they get through them, and the turkeys love them too...especially the seeds!