Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cleaning the garden & semi-free-ranging

Saturday was a big garden cleanup day. It was time to clear out the tomatoes. Some of the plants were beautiful and green but not producing any fruit. Some of the plants were spent. I pulled most of them out. In the process I found more onions and exposed the beautiful celery plants. I transplanted 4 of the celery plants (I'll post pictures later). The others will have to wait until next weekend.

I found a rogue tomato plant a while back but have had trouble propping it up. I finally untangled it and got it propped up. It's the tall plant in the photo. The stakes only go up to 6 feet, and the tomato plant hangs down several feet. It's still producing an abundance of large cherry tomatoes. I'm harvesting at least a handful a day.

I let the chickens out to roam in the garden while I was working. It's relatively safe since it's completely fenced in and covered in bird netting. They were in hen heaven pulling all the bugs and worms from the rich garden soil, and helping me weed and fertilize, all at the same time!


  1. our girls just LOVE free-ranging. Yours are lucky that they actually got to peck around in fertile soil. Ours just get leaves and mulch and a little bit of grass.. but they really seem to have fun roaming the yard in the evenings before bedtime.

  2. I wish I could let them out more often and for longer. I could really use the help weeding the garden! Today I stopped at the ranch down the street and bought a couple of giant spent sunflower heads for the girls to pull the seeds out of. I was hoping for inexpensive (or free) pumpkins. But that didn't happen. I'll keep looking.