Sunday, October 24, 2010

Corn Harvest

The corn stalks topped out at 6+ feet tall. Most had 2 ears.

I harvested the first batch of 3 full-sized ears at the beginning of October and the last batch of 8 mini ears a week ago.

In all, I harvested about 21 ears. Not all of the ears matured. Some were missing kernels and looked like snaggled teeth! The ears from the last harvest were much smaller, only measuring between 3-4 inches. They all came off the same stalks.

From what I've read, they'll produce better if I plant them in a square plot closer together rather than the two long rows of that I did this time. The missing kernels were because of improper pollination. Next year I'll plant them in closer proximity to each other and see how they do.
Regardless of size, they tasted yummy!

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