Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bunnies are cute

Of course bunnies are cute, and we have them in abundance on the back hill. But today there was one INSIDE my fenced in garden. Not so cute anymore!
And just how did this critter get into my fenced in garden, you ask?? Well, he's quite ingenious. He just made a doorway for himself. As soon as he saw me he darted directly out the doorway without hesitation. Quite good handiwork if I do say so myself.
While I am impressed with his creativity and know-how, I am still irritated at the damage he and his buddies (who were sure to join him) cause. So far, I've only lost one corn stalk which he chopped down at the base like a lumberjack.

The fencing has now been patched with hardware WIRE. Hopefully that will deter him from further instances of breaking and entering.

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