Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomato Harvest & Garden Update

Yesterday was another good tomato harvest! To-date, I've harvested about 4 pounds of tomatoes with LOTS more in progress. This morning was a sad tomato harvest day. Apparently, the rats found a way in and demolished 5 large tomatoes that were supposed to be mine today. So I harvested 3 nearly ripe tomatoes to let them finish ripening on the windowsill. The girls got 2 of the partially eaten tomatoes for breakfast. They were very excited... maybe they're in cahoots with the rats! Naahhh. I saved the other 3 damaged tomatoes for the hens to have tomorrow.

The two cantaloupes on the vine are now a little larger than a Nerf football and there are more baby fruits just starting out. I've tied up each of the larger two in a pantyhose sling to support the weight since they are growing vertically. Guess I should take a photo of that!

Two watermelon vines have taken off and are expanding rapidly. One has started to show fruit. They're about an inch and a half long. Very exciting!

The one cucumber vine that survived now has at least 7 good sized cuks in progress. Plenty for Joe with some left over to share with the neighbors.

Earlier this week I went to harvest the first red bell pepper. It looked beautiful from above. But when I cut it, it had a hole in the bottom and had started to shrivel. Bummer! Today, I decided to harvest the red bell pepper that had just started to turn color. I needed a green pepper for our dinner recipe and after the tomato massacre; I didn't want to risk losing another pepper to critters.


  1. Looks like you're having a great year! For us, it's the squirrels that get to our produce before we do. They ate all of our tomatoes. Next batch is going to get a net over the tower. It may make harvesting harder for us, but hopefully it'll make it harder for Mrs. Squirrel, too.

  2. Kind of. I'm a little frustrated with the tomato destruction. I figure up until today, I was only taking about 50% of the harvest. They were getting the rest. Today I decided to start harvesting the green tomatoes when they first begin to blush. I'm going to try ripening them on the windowsill. I hope the netting works for you with the squirrels. Best I can tell, it's keeping the rats out for us, but not the field mice.