Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ingrid is Nesting!!

Thursday someone arranged the nest bed in the newly installed nest box. I wasn't sure who it was until Friday morning when I saw Ingrid sitting very diligently off and on (mostly ON!) for the better part of the day. Every now and then Petunia would bump her out of the nest box and try it on for size. She's quite bossy! And I think she's a little jealous.

I thought for sure I'd see Ingid's first egg Saturday or Sunday, but as of today, still no egg. She continues to be persistent about spending time on the nest each day. She's tried out both nest boxes but seems to be more comfortable in the new one, which is good for the other 2 who are almost daily layers.

A new hen in a nest box is now an exciting time in the henhouse, unlike the shear horror they seemed to have when Clara produced the first egg! No one would get near the henhouse for days. Now, everyone comes in and paces around waiting for the "big event".

I'm sure she'll be delivering soon... stay tuned!