Friday, August 6, 2010

Coop Addition & Schedule Changes

Since Ruby's first egg, she and Clara have been working out a schedule with the nest box. Ruby's still new at laying, so she can often occupy the nest box for a couple of hours... or more! Unfortunately, it impacted Clara's daily egg production. So yesterday I installed another nest box.

Clara seems to have shifted her schedule and is back on the daily routine, for the most part. Ruby is laying pretty consistently every other day. This photo shows Ruby's first 3 eggs (the white ones) next to Clara's brown eggs. Clara is physically quite a bit larger and broader than Ruby, but Ruby's eggs are definitely bigger.

Ruby is still a sweetheart. She likes to try to eat my buttons. Here she is posing for the camera while I snap a quick shot of the two of us!


  1. What is your nesting box material?

  2. You mean the stuff inside the nest box?? That's dried grass & weeds that was cut from my hillside. I kept a big pile of it. I also use it in the bottom of the henhouse and sometimes the run when the girls strip it to bare dirt. They like to pick through the new batches of dried grass.