Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alice the Mouse Cat

This past Monday, Alice the Mouse Cat came to live with us. The rat and mouse population has increased WAY too much in our area. I have been trying to manage the rats/mice with traps but there just aren't enough traps! In talking with the neighbors, I learned that their cat, Missy, who used to patrol our yards, died a little over a year ago. She lived a good, long, 16 year, mouse-catching life. Unfortunately, neither of my neighbors was willing to replace Missy at this time.

Previously, Alice lived with another family patrolling their neighborhood with another cat and prefers to be outside. Right now she's living on our enclosed back porch. I can tell she really wants to be outside and I think she really misses the other cat. I spend lots of time with her out on the porch so she can get used to me. And Cutie visits with her at the sliding screen door to the porch. I've reopened the "door" (hole) that the rats ate in the screen door leading to the outside, in case any of them are interested in coming back in. I'd love for them to meet Alice! Eventually, she'll have free access to come and go as she pleases (she's active and awake more at night than during the day), but for right now, she's staying on the porch until I'm sure she knows this is her new home.

I've never had a cat before, unless you count the one that came with our previous house... and stayed with the house when we sold it! The decision to get a cat was definitely a big one! From what I can tell, it seems Alice has decided to allow me to be her human and I'm learning about life with a cat.

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  1. What a pretty girl! We love our two... cats are so fun and interesting and so much different than dogs. It's neat to have both. Our cats are definitely the boss of our older dog and we're working on teaching the younger dog to respect them too. Ours are inside cats but we have a neighbor whose cat comes over to hunt in our barns all the time, he is great too and I'm guessing he helps keep our population of rats and mice to a minimum. I hope Alice helps with your rodent problem!