Saturday, July 31, 2010

Plum & Tomato Harvest & Garden Update

For such a small tree, we sure got an abundant plum harvest this year. It's definitely our best harvest to-date. After the critters took their share (and believe me, they took plenty), I still harvested over 20 pounds of plums. I made 3 batches of jam: 1 traditional sugar recipe, 1 low sugar recipe, and 1 honey recipe. I also canned 4 pints of whole plums, froze a gallon bag of chopped plums, and made 2 batches of plum fruit leathers. I'm still not finished... there are is still 5 pounds of plums left. I haven't decided what to do with them yet. I'm leaning toward fruit leathers. They're SO yummy!

The cherry tomatoes are beautiful. I'm harvesting an average of 2 handfuls every other day.

The pole beans are wrapped around the cherry tomatoes and have finally started to produce. I'll have to plant more next year. Joe eats them as fast as they come off the vine. But that's not saying much, there are only 3 vines.

I harvested the first full-sized tomatoes from the brambles this weekend. The largest tomato was about 5 inches across! The white spots on the tomatoes are just water spots from the sprinklers and our super hard water. They've been delicious!

I ran out of onions in the kitchen today and decided to try a few from the garden. They are a good size at the base but the tops still haven't fallen over. The ones I tried today were good both for cooking and eating raw. The celery growing under the tomatoes is doing well in their shade. I harvested a bunch today. Joe confirmed that the celery was good.

The southern peas and corn are growing rapidly. I finally thinned out the pea seedlings and in doing so noticed the aphids and ants who had taken up residence on the underside of the leaves. It's the first infestation in the garden that I've felt needed to be dealt with, so I picked up some Safer Insecticidal Soap today and hosed them down.

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