Monday, July 12, 2010

Clara's Eggs

Clara provided dinner for us tonight. It was a momentous occasion, having our first eggs for dinner. Joe made scrambled eggs with peppers and onions.

Photos were taken and there were lots of oooh's and aaah's as we cracked each one open. The largest egg (the first one she laid) was actually a double yolk.

I had read that sometimes the first eggs laid may have weak shells. Not Clara's! The shells were much harder than the store bought eggs. Each one's shell was perfect, smooth and beautiful. The yolks were a deep yellow-orange... and dinner was delicious!

With each egg she gives us, she seems to make less noise, which is good for the neighbors (who thought she was making rooster noises... sheesh... city people!) I guess it must get easier with practice!

I found a picture of another chicken on a different blog who looks just like Clara! I think she's a Wyandotte. Her comb isn't completely grown in, so time will tell. In the mean time, I'm just enjoying my sweet, lovey egg factory!


  1. my friend Dwain has some Wyandottes, and they do look just like her.

  2. She's such a good girl. So sweet. After a couple of months giving me the cold shoulder, now she'll let me pet her and hold her and is the first to come running to get treats from me.