Monday, May 10, 2010

Turkey Vulture

I was on the phone looking out the window when I saw a shadow move across the hill reminiscent of a pterodactyl. Fortunately, it was just the angle of the sun hitting the side of the hill and the VERY low altitude that this gigantic bird was gliding. My friend, Ray, told me it must be a Turkey Vulture. Sure enough, that's what it was!

My research found that this bird only feeds on dead animals and doesn't get involved in the killing process. That's good news. Perhaps there was a dead animal somewhere nearby. Or maybe it has a nest up on the hill.

His wingspan must have been 5 feet across. He flew back and forth several times before finally landing on the fence behind the chicken coop. He stayed there for a little while, then left without incident. For size reference, the fence is 4 feet high.

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