Thursday, May 27, 2010

Petunia Beautifying

It's always important to look your best, even if you're a chicken! Petunia is straightening out her feathers and shaking off the dust.


  1. How much time do yours spend grooming? Mine do it all the time. They pant, eat, poop, scratch and groom. I was afraid they had mites or fleas or something for all the primping they do.

  2. Mine do all the same things as yours, but they seem to be pretty laid back. In the morning they come out of the coop like they've been shot out of a cannon and they commence to scratching and bug catching immediately. But throughout the middle of the day they pretty much take it easy. I find them laying down and resting alot (it is hot, and they do pant alot). They don't primp all the time, but it is frequent. Mostly, it seems, whenever they get up from laying down on the ground. And they seem to have some sort of dirt bath rotation. They don't all do it on the same day. That always generates alot of primping afterwards.