Monday, May 3, 2010

Mockingbird nest

Last night when I went out to make sure the chickens were cooped up for the night I spooked a bird in the bush right next to the garden gate. This morning I took a look inside bush around the area where the bird flew out. It's a mockingbird nest. Now I come within about 4 inches of where the nest is in this bush several times a day on the way out to the garden and chickens. Why do these birds insist on putting their nest in a highly trafficked area?
I read online that sometimes they have more than one nest. That would explain the two mockingbirds I saw in the front yard today attacking a giant crow. He must have gotten too close to their nest. I haven't found the one in the front yard yet, but I'll look again tomorrow.


  1. I am amazed at how much you put blog! I would love to know your time-managing secrets! Do you sleep?

  2. I'm not homeschooling and raising children anymore! Plus, I only spend an hour or 2 each week. More than anything, I like taking the pictures of God's beauty and wonder. I always marvel at the level of detail.

  3. All your photos are so lovely! What a talent God has given you! It is so good to bask in His beauty! Love ya!