Friday, May 14, 2010

Mockingbird eggs are no more

Judging from what's going on in our yard, it's nothing short of a miracle that birds have not gone completely extinct. I went out this morning and now the mockingbird nest is completely empty.

The day before that, while I was out at the coop early in the morning; I heard a huge ruckus nearby. Now when that happens near dawn on the back hill, you have to pay attention because you never know if there's a coyote or mountain lion lurking nearby. Immediately, mockingbirds started sounding the alarm and flocking to the tree behind the neighbor's house. And then, out flew a hawk carrying a mockingbird with several other birds valiantly chasing him. The hawk got away and we now have one less mockingbird.

Now with the disappearance of two full nests of eggs and one bird actually being carried off as breakfast, you'd think we might have a shortage of birds in the area. But nothing could be further from the truth.

We have SO many birds in and around our yard. The hummingbirds are back and I'm certain there's at least one nest close by. The Black Phoebes are back, as well as the quail. I've never seen their nests, but I know they are close by too because they are in the yard every day. I even think the Robin has built another nest, this time in the junipers.

One of the birds sings us to sleep every night and there's a whole symphony every morning. Just beautiful!

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