Thursday, May 13, 2010

First spring lettuce harvest

Today was the first lettuce harvest and it was a good haul! It filled a large Debbie's GreenBag about halfway.

Something has been nibbling holes in my broccoli leaves. I've been inspecting daily to try to figure out what is causing the damage. I assumed it was a rat. A rabbit would have already cleared the row of lettuce which had no holes, until today. But still, only a couple of tiny holes in a leaf or two. Fortunately, I found the slug! Yep, a big fat slug (which Clara, the big chicken, enjoyed immensely). So I visited the neighbor for a bottle of beer. Slugs prefer to climb into a vat of beer than to continue eating my plants. Once in the "vat", they drown there. We'll see if I trap any more or if that was the only culprit.

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