Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dry River in Bloom

Rivers in Southern California don't look like any river I've ever seen. They are dry on the surface and usually full of plants and trees (which means they must not really be dry). I decided to stop on the way home today because there were so many flowers blooming and the sky was so clear and blue. It was a good day for pictures!

The tall white flowering plant is a Yucca plant. We have several near the top of our hill in the back yard, but I had a hard time getting to them to take a picture. Fortunately, this one was conveniently growing on the side of the road. It's between 8 and 10 feet tall!

This view is looking South down river from San Francisquito Canyon. Everything to the right beyond the purple and yellow flowers is growing in the riverbed. Notice all the "little" white flowers in the riverbed. They are all Yucca plants! That should give you some perspective on the size and distance.

Purple thistle were growing all along the bank of the river. This chaparral landscape is definitely not lush and green, but there is beauty in the landscape and the details. You just have to look for it...

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