Friday, May 7, 2010

Catching Crane Flies

Every year after the rainy season we have an abundance of Crane Flies. They are everywhere in the early morning and especially at dusk. You pretty much have to swat them out of the way to walk out across the back yard. They don't bite and are not very fast at flying so they're pretty easy to catch. They have a short lifespan and most seem to end up floating dead in the pool. I noticed the hens eyeing them excitedly through the pen. The flies are too big to fit through the openings in the pen, so I caught a bunch in a jar and turned them loose in the pen with the video running.

Ruby is the one running and jumping to catch them. Petunia is just picking them straight out of the jar before most of them can even get out! Petunia is quite the hunter.

We have these little black and white birds called Black Phoebes. They look like they're wearing mini tuxedos! They are here all year but most active in the spring and summer. They also enjoy the Crane Flies. You can watch them pick them off the surface of the pool all day.

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