Sunday, April 25, 2010

Red tree in bloom

We have a tree in the backyard that I have always considered annoying. It only has leaves for about 4 months over the summer. In September all the leaves drop off, in what seems like a couple of days, and we have a lovely carpet of red leaves around the pool... and a pile of red leaves IN the pool. It remains bare until May when all the red leaves return.

This spring it caught my eye. Maybe it's the first time I've really stopped to appreciate how beautiful the spring blooms are. Funny, I don't even remember ever seeing blooms on it before. I do remember thinking "when is it going to get leaves again?" It seems to stay naked all year. But it was raining one day and the blooms just seemed to sparkle and, this year, I'm enjoying the blossoms on the tree.

I can't definitively say what this tree is, but, based on my research, think it may be an "Ornamental Plum Tree". It matches the other pictures and description that I found. Why it's called a plum tree, I have no idea. It's never produced fruit. I guess that's why it's called "ornamental".

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