Saturday, April 17, 2010

Purple grass

The hill on the backyard is covered with grass. We only get grass after the rainy season. This year has been rainy than most, so the hill is covered with lots of grass and wildflowers. It isn't your normal "yard" grass. It's some sort of tall, desert, hill grass. It starts out green with green seed pods that are soft and silky. Then they slowly turn purple. Then they turn brown and become prickly like sand spurs. They stick in your pants, your socks, your dog's fur, your legs, pretty much everything. Even better... after the rains stop (and they will), we'll have to clear the hillside because then the grass becomes a fire hazzard. Normally this has to be done by May 1st to avoid a fine, but the rains haven't stopped yet, so I assume they'll extend the deadline. But for now we have a beautiful hillside.

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