Friday, April 23, 2010

No more chickens on the edge

Since Sunday of this week, I've had to move the chickens off the ledge around the roofline to make sure they stay safe. The first 3 nights I had to move all 4 of them, TWICE ( I moved them the first time before they were in a deep sleep)! The 4th night I only had to move 3. Ingrid decided she didn't want to be moved in the night. The 5th night, I only had to move 2, and I only had to move them ONCE! Last night, only Petunia remained on the ledge. She was stubborn about it. I had to move her twice.

Today I installed the new "ledge abatement system" around the roof edge. After the sun went down and they were all in the henhouse, that's when the noise began! I could here them squawking and cheeping and cackling and wings flapping from the back porch!

Petunia was determined to find space on the ledge that she could hang onto. That was not working out well, hence all the flapping and squawking. Clara and Ruby were not very happy about it either. The kept trying to edge each other out of one specific space on the 4 foot long roost (there's PLENTY of room for all of them). Sweet little Ingrid was on the roost as far away from the other 3 as possible. I put Petunia on the roost and she calmed down for about a minute. Then she started trying to step over and onto Ruby and Clara to try to get to the no-longer-existent ledge! They finally had enough of that and knocked her off the roost.

Petunia shook it off and immediately flew back onto the roost. What ensued can best be described by the first 50 seconds of this Pixar cartoon short video "For the Birds". There was a whole lotta pushing and shoving and jockeying for the best pole position. They finally did settle down, as you can see. Note: Ingrid is still in the exact same position she was when all the hubbub began...


  1. that video is hilarious. mine haven't had that jockeying for position since they don't roost on their own at night yet. by the way, I never got the email that alerted me to new posts of yours. I guess something isn't working.

  2. It's happened a couple of times. I'm taking the camera out when I go out at nights from now on. Maybe I can capture it. They've pretty much settled down on the roost now. It took a couple of nights, but the "ledge abatement system" seems to be working out well. I'm probably going to install an add'l roost to see if that helps.