Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moving into the henhouse

I finished the henhouse today. I installed the roost last weekend and there were only a few small things left to do... door closures, setup the food and water, enclose the front with hardware wire, and reinforce the edges with additional screws. The tractor is almost finished, but they won't be using that for at least a week. So I have a little more time.

Today was moving day for the hens. It was almost like Petunia could tell it was coming. Everytime I went into the sunroom she flew to the top of the fence to see me. If I stood there long enough, she would fly right into my hand!

When it came time to move them, I put them all in the same box I brought them home in. It was crowded in the box! Have you ever tried to put 4 chickens in an enclosed box?? Not an easy feat. Every time I opened the lid to put one in, another one would try to hop out. They were only in there long enough for me to walk them out to the henhouse. I decided this was the least traumatic way (believe it or not) because when I remove one of them from the other 3, everyone starts screaming. They are very attached to and protective of each other. Given how far the henhouse was from the sunroom, I figured the last one left in the pen would be completely freaking out. So I moved them all at once.

Once outside, I just put the box inside the henhouse and let them out. They took to it right away and immediately started scratching around. Obviously, the trauma was minimal to the hens!


  1. Can you post some more pics of the hen house? I'm trying to figure out what the green is in the top right side of that first picture, and what is on the right side of the bottom picture that looks lik some sort of tropical print fabric. Congratulations on getting everyone moved in. I'm hoping we can order our peeps next week. The roofing panels were supposed to come already, but they won't be here til Friday.

  2. I have the waterer on the bottom left and the feeder on the bottom right(both are up on a cinder block). Above the feeder on the right, I hung a milk crate for their nesting box. It's covered with a shopping bag until it's time to open for business. No fabric in the henhouse.