Friday, April 2, 2010


I wish I knew what type of chicken Ingrid is. She's just beautiful! She still isn't very friendly. She will cooperate with you handling her once you've got her, but getting her can still be a challenge. She's the most timid of them all and will avoid conflict with the other hens. She tends to wait until they've all eaten and then she'll eat. They don't pick on her at all and she does still sleep with all of them. Anyone have any ideas as to what kind of chicken she may be?? Her feet are a grey-blue color. Maybe I'll be able to tell once she starts laying eggs and I see what color they are.


  1. I thought they were all Easter Eggers (Americaunas) I'll ask my friend Dwain if he knows. He used to raise them for showing, and had hundreds of breeds.

  2. I was told they were all Easter Eggers, but she just looks and acts so different from all the rest that I'm starting to wonder about her. But maybe she is... If Dwain has any ideas let I'd be interested in hearing.

  3. He said she looks like a Silver Spangled Hamburg (which I accused him of making up because it sounds like something I'd make up. But he swears it's really a breed.