Saturday, April 17, 2010

1st day in the chicken tractor

I decided to wait until I was outside most of the day to try out the chicken tractor, just in case something didn't work as planned. There are 2 doors to connect the tractor to the henhouse. There is a door that slides up to let them out of the henhouse and a door on the tractor that drops down and acts as a ramp from the henhouse into the tractor. Both can be closed so the units are individually standalone.

So Saturday, I opened both doors and sat at the far end of the chicken tractor with my trusty camera in hand to watch the grand entrance and see who would take the first walk down the ramp.

Chickens are very curious, but also very cautious. My best bet was on Petunia followed closely by Ruby, then Clara. Ruby was the first to check out the opening, but she wouldn't venture out. You can see from the photo, the others quickly came over to see what happened to the wall and what was outside the opening!

It was several minutes and several false starts later before Petunia finally ran down the ramp. She may be small, but she's always been the fearless one! Look at how she has her tail all plumped up and looking so proud.

Clara was not far behind, pushing her way past Ruby who came out immediately after Clara.

Ingrid was the last one out. No surprise there! I guess she figured if something was going to eat them maybe it would be full on 3 chickens and just leave her alone??

Clara kept going in and out and stretching her wings.

It didn't take them long to adjust. They were very happy in the tractor, even taking time to enjoy a double dirt bath.

I worked on the garden all day and Cutie kept watch next to the tractor.

I thought they would go into the henhouse as dusk started to settle in, but they waited until almost dark and all finally headed in to be closed up for the night safe and sound.

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