Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Petunia takes flight

The girls are getting more used to their wings. Petunia is the most bold about it. Whenever I open their box, she runs right over and hops right up on my hand or the side of the box. Today when she was sitting on my hand, she looked up and the next thing I knew she was on my head... which I wouldn't have minded except for the high probability that my hair was about to be fertilized! Can't you just see the spunk in her little face?

They like to fly up to high spots, which I guess is good. I'm not discouraging the flying. Some suggest clipping their wings to prevent flight. But with all the predators around, I want them to have a flying chance if for some reason one gets out or a predator breaks in. If nothing else, they can beat them to death with their wings (I've seen ducks do this to dogs... they grab hold of their backs with their claws and flap like crazy!))

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