Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Hens are a Month Old!

The girls have been with me now for 2 weeks and are now 1 month old. Looking back at the photos, it's hard to believe how quickly they've grown. I posted an updated picture of Ruby yesterday. As promised, I took more updated photos of the others today. So here they are with a link back to their earlier photos so you can see how much they've changed. Day 2 with the Hens 3/2/2010

Clara was very curious about the camera and kept trying to get a close up look! She's the biggest of all the hens. In the picture on the right, she's stretching tall to inspect the camera. In the picture on the left she's settled in on my hand ready for her photo shoot.

Petunia is brown like Clara but about 1/2 the size and twice the spunk! She has a black "bandit mask" over her eyes. She hops into my hand almost every day. She likes to practice roosting in the tomato pot. Here's she's all puffed up and relaxed.

Ingrid (formerly Singing Eagle) is quite elegant. She's tall and slender and still sings beautifully. She still doesn't care to be handled, but will tolerate me as evidenced by the photo.

Here's one last photo of the hens at feeding time and a link to the hens feeding on 3/2/10. Obviously, they like the food!

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