Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fire peppers must die

I have 4 beautiful red bell pepper plants that are close to 5 feet tall and loaded with peppers. They've been producing all winter and I've been enjoying the peppers. But over time, the peppers have been getting hotter and hotter. At first I thought it was a fluke. But after roasting one this weekend and breaking into a severe case of hiccups after one tiny bite and a subsequent incident with a fresh pepper in my veggie wrap... these plants must go!

I don't do super hot food. I've never gotten hiccups from hot food before, but I can tell you, I wanted to rip my tongue out to make the burning stop.

The only thing we can figure is that one of the plants must have accidentally cross-pollinated with a hot pepper plant somewhere along the way. But since neither of us eat hot peppers, they are going to have to yield the valuable plant space to something we can actually enjoy eating...


  1. I'd be disappointed, too. I hate hot food, and to have all those beautiful peppers go to waste is sad. Is there a local mexican restaurant or food bank you can donate the ripe ones to?

  2. I gave a couple handfuls to our Pastor today. And I've arranged to transplant and give the plants to our neighbor who LOVES super hot foods. They're excited to have them. So I won't have to kill them after all. Execution stayed...

  3. UPDATE: The peppers, all 5 plants, have been transplanted and delivered to the neighbors garden. At least 2 of the plants were 7 feet tall and all were loaded with baby fire peppers.

    Chickens are now tilling and fertilizing the empty pots.