Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2 with Chickens

It's still getting pretty cold at night here with temps dropping into the high 30's and low 40's. But daytime temps are getting up to the mid 70's. It's the high desert, or pretty close to it, so the temperature swings are wide. The girls are inside a fully enclosed sunroom, which keeps some of the cold out, but makes the highs inside closer to 90. Good temperature for baby chickens.

I have them in a homemade brooder box. Nothing fancy. Just a large plastic storage container, with pine shavings covering the newspaper lining the bottom. I bought a 5000 hour heat lamp which conveniently burnt out overnight in less than 18 hours. That'll be making a trip back to Lowes! But the girls did fine huddled together until the sun came out completely. Fortunately I had set the box on a drugstore variety heating pad which kept the temps from dropping too low. There are 2 lamps in the photo, one 100 watt heat lamp and a 60 watt regular bulb. I uncovered the right side of the box so you can see the inside, but usually covered... partially to keep the heat in and partially to keep the big brown girl from experimenting too much with her new wings!

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