Monday, March 15, 2010

Coop progress...

After a couple of rainy weekends, I was able to make significant headway on the henhouse this weekend. Most of the outside is complete. It's mostly finish work that needs to be done... door closures, one more piece of hardware wire (my hand get's pretty sore after cutting 3-4 pieces of a 4 ft length), and cut the excess off the metal roof (more hand cutting with the tin snips).
This is the henhouse from the side.

On the left, Cutie is patiently posing next to it so you can get a size perspective. The front door (next to Cutie) is wide open. That's the door I'll be using to clean out the henhouse.

On the right, Cutie is inside looking out the side door that will connect to the run (tractor). There's actually a piece of wood that slides down into that door frame and can be lifted up or out.

Below right, Cutie is trying out the inside of the henhouse for size. I still need to install the nesting box, roost, watering can, and feedbox.

Left is the frame for the chicken tractor. It is 4x4x6 feet. I was able to build this in the garage last weekend while it was raining. But I ran out of time covering it with hardware wire. So that task remains until my hand is sufficiently rested to start cutting again. It usually only needs a day or 2. But I won't have time to work on it again until later this week.


  1. Looks like you made a doghouse instead of a hen house! It looks fantastic!

  2. It's not fancy, but it will be functional.

  3. Cutie pie is so darn pretty. The coop looks awesome!


  4. Thanks Ar! You should see her with the chicks. She's very gentle with them. And they're starting to chatter at her when she gets up close to sniff.