Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain & the first sprouts of the year

I woke up to rain. Now “rain” in Southern California is unlike rain anywhere else I’ve ever been. I jokingly say, it’s as if God sneezed on us. It can rain for hours, even all day, and the payment under my car will most likely never get completely wet… and I park it on a fairly steep incline!! And you rarely need an umbrella because it just won’t get you that wet. If I were in my native Florida I’d be happy to garden in rain like this because it’s little more than a nuisance. However, this SoCal rain only happens in the winter months and it feels like little icicles hitting you… and it’s a piercing cold. The raindrops are tiny and delicate, swirling and wafting down. If we were at a little higher elevation, it would be snowing. So this truly southern girl will be staying in where it’s warm and enjoying the sound of the rain from my living room.

All the rain is waking up the trees. This photo is our neighbors' plum tree in full bloom.

Oh, and guess what!! My broccoli seed and spinach seed have already sprouted! I’m very excited. I love it when they first pop up through the dirt. And now the waiting, for what can seem an eternity, begins… I wait until they are big enough to harden off and transplant.

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