Thursday, February 11, 2010

More rain = house cleaning

Another rain day. In SoCal we are blessed and cursed with about 5 days of rain each year. This year, we are approaching 10-12 days of rain which is why there are entire mountains sliding down into houses and rivers of mud in the streets. Fortunately none of that is happening to me! So while I don’t expect to be waylaid by many rain days, I know many people are. When I lived in Florida it was often easy to work in the rain (and there were LOTS of rain days) because it was warm, and actually kind of refreshing from the heat, but only when there wasn’t thunder and lightning.

Now is when I get creative in the exercise routine so that I don’t lose momentum. Did you know that housework is good exercise too?? I’ve never been much good at cleaning house. I keep it tidy, but really deep cleaning is a whole different story. So today while it rains outside and I cannot work in the garden, I’m going to do a little bit to bless my house and vacuum the upstairs. I know, it doesn’t sound like much work and it doesn’t seem very strenuous. But I’ve found that if you really get vigorous with pushing it back and forth and are really moving items out of the way to vacuum under, you’ll probably start to break a light sweat and have a nice “glow”. Yes, you need to pick up the area rugs (squats), move the chairs, side table, coffee table (light weight lifting), and get under the beds (more squats). Get the attachments out and vacuum the baseboards (more squats). You’ll feel it the next day if you did it right. Just keep moving.

Oh, and I have even more seedlings… broccoli, cucumbers, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and spinach, YEAH! They're in the seed tray on the right of the photo. The rest of the pots are my winter lettuce window garden.

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