Friday, February 19, 2010

The Garden Walls

While I was working through the technicalities of drawing out how to secure the garden perimeter, Joe came up with the idea of a greenhouse of sorts. The summer sun can be blistering here and sometimes scortches our veggies. So he helped draw out the master plan. And on Sunday he helped me get the frame in place. Thank God for Joe! That was definitely a 2-person job.

After that I worked on getting the fencing in place, which looks alot easier than it actually was. Something about balancing on a hill with a 25 foot piece of hardware wire trying to get it to go exactly where you want it to go without sliding down the hill would have made for a good home video. Thankfully, no one was around with a video camera... or cell phone!

So the fencing is now in place. I folded the bottom edge about 4 inches to overlap the hardware wire that's lying underneath the garden (that's why I pulled all the dirt back from the edge) and covered it with soil. We are now secured to a 4 foot height.

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