Monday, February 1, 2010

Garden 2010

I’ve decided to resurrect our vegetable garden this year, partially because I love the fresh veggies, and partially as incentive to move my body which has gotten “soft”. It’s been a mild winter in Southern California so our growing season will start earlier than usual and it’s now time to begin.

My husband, Joe, has done a garden nearly every other year. On the odd years, he’s run for local office and has been too busy to deal with a garden. When he does the garden, it’s wonderful. Each time, there’s always been someone to help prepare the garden for planting. But this year, Joe won the election and is busy with “official stuff”, we are empty nesters so all the kids are gone, and our favorite handyman moved last year, so this year, I’m on my own.

My other motivation for the garden is chickens. Yes, I decided I wanted a few chickens for fresh eggs. As I continued to read and learn about keeping chickens, it became abundantly clear that they were great at two things: clearing fields for planting and fertilizing!

Now, my husband is completely unaware of this chicken desire and has not been overly receptive (read: adamantly against it) when I hint at expanding the family with additional pets. Apparently our one rescued doggie is supposed to suffice. So the chickens will be a surprise until he sees me constructing the coop. That will probably give it away and hopefully the coop building will not need to go up on Craigslist!

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