Friday, February 5, 2010

Damp & Misty

Today started off damp and overcast, which is very unusual for Southern CA. And my loving husband, last night, asked me to make sure that I had the dog with me whenever I was working out on the hill. He said he didn’t want to come home and find me in multiple pieces strewn about the garden. Which makes sense except for the fact that he often makes fun of our dog by calling her “sissy dog” because she is anything but aggressive. She’s a large German Shepard mix rescue, so I’m sure she’ll notice anything suspicious before I would, and I love having her with me all the time. By the way, her name is Cutie Pie… menacing eh?

More shoveling. Well the side of the garden that’s up against the hillside is in need of serious repair. So today I moved more of the hill and realized that the wood is seriously rotted at the bottom and bulging in the center from trying to hold the hill back and keep it from sliding into the garden. I’m now about halfway through the process of removing the rotted wood. I also moved the big rock collection that had gathered in the center of the garden during the last 3 days of shoveling and dirt turning to a more permanent location. Who needs weights to get in shape?

Fortunately, nearly all of the muscle soreness I’ve had is now gone. So much so, that today, when I finally decided to stop, I had been working over an hour and half!!! There’s NO WAY I would have been doing any other form of exercise for an hour and a half without dreading every moment of it. I’m so excited to be doing this project and I’m confident that it will help me build strength and get in shape.

I stopped by Home Depot last night begin pricing the supplies I’d need to repair the garden box and build the predator protection and chicken coop. But after giving it some consideration, I think I’m going to stop by the local lumber yard and check out their pricing. I’m hopeful that they are able to be competitive. So many small businesses are closing down lately. It’s important that we help support each other through this challenging economy.

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