Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clara harvested the carrots

Well, when we got back from church today, Clara had flown the coop. She was very patiently sitting next to the pen waiting for me to come back home and put her back in. I don't know why she didn't just go back in the same way she got out!

But while she was out, she did a little premature harvesting. Take a look at my lovely pot of carrots. No more carrot forest! Fortunately, she only polished off one entire pot. There are still 2 others that are doing quite well.

Clara is still the biggest in the bunch (even before the entire pot of carrots). It seems like she changes every day. The white on her head is almost entirely gone. At first I thought she would be brown, but now she's mostly black with spots of brown throughout. Take a look at her just a couple of weeks ago. She's still very sweet and likes to try to sit in your hand, even though she's really bigger than a handful. When you hold her she very contently just clucks away.

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